View of Kotor Bay from Lovcen in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country in the Balkans that offers a lot and then some.  From the coastline where you can find Montenegro’s most popular Kotor and Budva to the undiscovered places in numerous national parks. From adventures on Tara canyon to the historical monuments with gorgeous views. It truly is a country that has something for everyone.

Not fully convinced yet? Keep on reading and check out these 10 photos to make you experience autumn in Montnegro.


Anywhere between May and end of October is a great time to be in Montenegro. Optimal time being springtime (May and June) or fall (September and October). The weather is warm, which means swimming should be in your plan, as should rafting on Tara canyon.  If you are planning on sticking mostly to the national parks you have two options: springtime has more water flow so some of the lakes and waterfalls will be much bigger. On the other hand, hiking in the fall will give you some of the most fantastic fall colours you will ever see! Once again, keep on reading to find out more.

Durmitor National Park in Montenegro
Beautiful fall colours in the Durmitor National Park.


The easiest way to start your trip is flying into the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica. From there you have many options, from joining a guided tour, use public transport, or rent a car or a campervan. My suggestion would be the last.

Public transport in Montenegro is great when it comes to going from one popular destination to another. Podgorica to Kotor? No problem. Travelling around the other parts of the country shows to be more problematic in terms of transport. The best option is to rent a campervan and take care of transport and accommodation all in one. If you do not feel comfortable driving a van (especially on the mountain roads), then the car is the way to go. Either camping or not, there are many accommodation options available everywhere you go, and you can find some for an affordable price.

One more benefit of renting a vehicle is driving past all of the awesome viewpoints and stopping at whatever view you like.

If none of this is an option for you, a lot of people use taxis as a form of transport to more distant places. Find some people to share the ride with, and it can get pretty affordable.

Campervan in the Durmitor National Park
Campervanning is the best option to explore hidden places of Montenegro.


Compared to the surrounding countries like Bosnia, Albania etc. Montenegro is not the cheapest. It is far from expensive compared to the northern parts of Europe, but it sticks out in the Balkans. One of the reasons being they do use euros as their currency. So do not be surprised if you spend a little bit more than what you expected. They do charge entrance fees for all the national parks (3€ per person), all the museums, forts of any kind and other attractions. Even activities such as rafting, canyoning etc. can be quite expensive. One advice would be to make a selection of things you want to see and do while you are there so you won’t regret visiting this beautiful country once you get back.

Sveti Štefan on the coastline of Montenegro
Maybe the view is worth a million bucks but luckily everything else is much cheaper 😉



Time Recommended: 1 day

 Kotor is one of the most famous towns in Montenegro. Because of the coastal loacation, it’s very popular as a stop for cruise ships. For that reason, it can get busy, but it is definitely not the reason you should skip it. It’s a lovely town with a beautiful old part and the wall that you can walk up to. There is plenty of cafes and restaurants you can visit or wander through the streets filled with cute little shops that just wait for you to step in and take a look. Not to mention all the cute cats you can see around the town and are known as the cats of Kotor.

You can find the complete guide on how to spend your day in Kotor right here.


Time Recommended: 1day

 One of the first national parks on your way. It’s close to Kotor, and the road leads you higher up in the mountains, which means it’s one of the best places to get a great view of the Kotor bay. If the weather is nice, one of the must-see places is Njegoš mausoleum, that offers a great view of the park. On the way there you can also find plenty of panoramic cafes, which are a must stop (even though you will overpay for coffee).

View of Kotor Bay from a cafe
This is what i call ''A coffee with a view.''


Time Recommended: 2days

 Budva is known as a party capital of Montenegro. With many night clubs, bars, restaurants, casinos etc. it’s a great place to get a feel of the nightlife in this country. But it is not all about the party. You can take a walk from one of the main beaches at the coastline, on the boardwalk to the old part of the city that is always lively with many cafes and restaurants and interesting history. It is also a close drive to all of the other beaches where you can go to relax and enjoy your vacation. And to finish your time on the coast a short jump to one of the viewpoints that overlook Sveti Štefan. Simply gorgeous.

Montenegrin coastline from a viewpoint
Looking for a new vacation spot? Search no more, Montenegrin coastline is definitelly a place to be.


Time Recommended: 1day

 The biggest lake in southern Europe lies on the border with Albania. And because everything in Montenegro is close by that still means you will only need about an hour to get there. The part of the lake that lies in Montenegro is also declared a national park. The region around Skadar lake is famous for its vineyards, so if you want to try any of the local wines, this is the spot.

Horseshoe bedn at Lake Skadar
One of the most famous parts of Lake Skadar-the horseshoe bend.


Time Recommended: 2-3 days

Personally, my favorite part of the trip. You can divide the journey through the national park into two parts. The first one is visiting and following Tara canyon, which is one of the most famous canyons in this part of Europe. If you feel adventures you should do rafting, it’s the best way to experience the canyon. Last but not least you can go all the way to the picturesque bridge over Tara and try zip lining over the canyon.

The second part of exploring the national park is following the newly build Panoramic ring road around the national park. 84 kilometer long trail that takes you to all the best spots around the park. This part is also the main reason why renting a vehicle is a way to go. You can do it as a tour, but with that many lovely spots, you will want to explore at your own pace.

RIng road through the Durmitor National Park in the fall
Part of the panoramic ring road which takes you all around the Durmitor National Park.