Nile Cruise on the river Nile is one of the top things to do in Egypt and after dreaming about it for years and actually experiencing it – I couldn’t agree more. Ultimate relaxation with the most picturesque scenery you will see in Egypt. After looking around at the prices you may opt out, but that’s why this blog is here to show you that even with a limited budget you get to experience things you only dreamt about before.


You can take an easy way and book it online, where they offer anything from 3 to 5-night trips, sometimes even more. Prices offered online are quite high, but if you have time and are ready to do some walking I have a little tip for you on how to lower the cost.

Sunset over Luxor
Just one of the amazing views you will get to experience if you decide to do the Nile cruise.

Arriving in Aswan you won’t be able to miss the kilometers of docked cruise ships all waiting to take you on a Nile Cruise . Take some time between exploring the city and hop from boat to boat asking about the price they are ready to offer; in most cases, you will be able to get quite a good deal. It does take a couple of hours just going from one place to another and asking, especially because they will always call a ”boat manager” to talk to you and they will try to show you a boat before telling you a price. It is all worth it, we managed to score a room for 2 nights on a 5-star boat with all-inclusive meals for 140$ (70$ per room per night). Compared to a few hundred dollars per person deals online and at the travel agencies, this is still a bargain.

Relaxing at the poolside on the Nile cruise.
Just a little bit of extra effort and this will soon be you.


Nile Cruises in Egypt are mostly shorter so there is not as many tips and tricks as it would be with a longer & bigger cruise ships around the world. Still, there are a few tips worth noting.

Buy all the drinks beforehand. Even though it says it’s all-inclusive they will tell you to have to pay for all the drinks.  You will get juice, coffee and tea for breakfast and once in the afternoon and rooms have a small fridge so you can store your drinks.

Don’t pay for Wi-Fi. Nile cruise is a perfect opportunity to do a social media detox since Wi-Fi on the boat is very expensive (yup, one of the rare places where Wi-Fi is not free). Make sure you sort out everything you need, download a movie or two beforehand. But with everything, there is to see you won’t miss Wi-Fi at all!

Do day trips on your own. Egypt is one of those countries where sightseeing can be really cheap if you do it on your own. Most of the tours offered are overpriced and can be quite rushed. Grab one of the many cabs waiting and start exploring.

Cruising on the river Nile
Instead of browsing the internet, you can do as many ''Titanic'' moments as you wish for.


This was our first time on a cruise boat so we didn’t exactly know what the deal with tipping is. Quick google research later and after seeing how things work I can tell you tipping is not mandatory, they will make it very clear you are supposed to do it. They have tip boxes at the reception or they will give you an envelope with your room number for you to leave a tip. You can tip the staff during the Nile cruise but common practice is to wait until the end of it. There are certain rules on how much you are supposed to give but it varies from company to company. A general rule is to do it per person per day.  

After all, they do for you and how nice and helpful the workers are you will have no problem with leaving some, but don’t feel pressured to over tip at any point.

Monkey made out of towels
Staff really goes an extra mile.


Once you booked the boat, the hard part is over and the adventure can begin. And it is just as good as you’ve seen in the movies or in pictures. An upper deck for you to admire amazing views the river Nile has to offer. A pool so you can cool down after sunbathing and relaxing for hours. Unlimited local and international food. Nice people. It might be out of your budget, but it is one of the things worth taking a risk on, it is an experience like no other. If it wasn’t on your bucket list before, you should be adding it right now.

First time playing pool on the Nile cruise
Got my first pool lesson while crusing the Nile.
Admiring the sunset over the Nile
I even got my own upper deck, feeling like a movie star, moment!

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