We get asked a lot of questions regarding the equipment we use, so here it all is! We’ll be keeping this page up to date with the latest equipment we use that helps us create this content. 



We can’t rate this camera high enough. (well Matthew can’t) As soon as this camera got released in 2018 we just had to order it, from it’s awesome retro old school style to it’s amazing image & video capability. For a feature packed camera boasted inside a small compact and light camera we highly recommend this camera for travel bloggers.


With Matthew being a professional photographer image quality is everything to him, the Fuji produces amazing images for Instagram, Blogs, YouTube and prints. Boasting huge dynamic range, crisp images and amazing color rendition straight out of camera its the finishing touches we need for our blogs.


If it’s making videos for our Instagram account, travels or high professional videos for business the Fuji has you covered. Fuji never used to be fit for filming, but how the X-T3 has changed the game for that! F-Log recording, Eye detect focus, 4k at 60p and 400mb/s recording!  It’s ok if it doesn’t make any sense, simply its an incredible camera for video aswell!

You can watch a full review on this camera on Youtube or purchase this camera here.

Fujifilm X-T3



We love using this lens for our landscape images. Capturing the landscape and Zala in the images gives us ability to show our audience the complete story in our blogs.

FUJIFILM XF 18-55MM F2.8-4

The most used lens for our everyday travel needs. It's extremely small, lightweight and great focal range which makes it easy to carry around all day for the perfect shots.


The sharpest lens in Fuji's line up and we love it! Serves a need in our kit for macro and low light photography to make sure we bring our viewers every detail of our crazy travel adventures.


Manfrotto 190GO! Tripod

Small, robust and durable. It fits perfectly in our carry on bags with screw lock legs giving it a sleek style. Being Carbon Fiber its lighter and handles better to extreme conditions.

Zhiyun Weebill Lab

We look for 3 requirements when buying tech gear lightweight, small and affordable. For a travel gimbal this smashes our needs to create high quality content.

L Bracket X-T3

Saves you time changing from landscape to portrait mode. Never had an issue saving money on these L Brackets, good build quality, light weight and affordable!

Hoya Variable ND Filter

A necessity for video work, but also cool to capture some unique images. Along with a Polarize filter and step up rings it suits all my lenses for the X-T3.

RØDE VideoMicro

Good old Aussie made! Lightweight, small and power off the camera batteries makes it perfect for travelers.

SanDisk SD Card

High recommend SanDisk as they have never let me down. SanDisk provides high quality which we need for our storage devices.

You can find a complete “What’s in my bag” description on the photography & videography gear we use from the link provided.

Working on the road - Dell XPS 15"



The best laptop on the market for the price point. A jam packed Dell XPS 15” with 32GB RAM, 4GB Graphics Card and 1TB SDD and 4k 100% Adobe RGB Screen. This flies through our editing, so we can spend more time outside creating!


YOU NEED THIS! These external storage devices are so small and durable. Its Rugged, water- and dust-resistant which is perfect for the crazy lifestyle of traveler. We own three of these in different capacities for our everyday needs because of the size, weight and super fast speed.


Another monthly cost that we couldn’t live without. Adobe premiere pro, Photoshop and Lightroom serves as a host for all our photo and video editing. Adobe has now released an online service that allows you to store content in the cloud for an additional cost