The coastal town of Kotor in Montenegro is guaranteed to leave an impression. Whether you a city or nature person, this is one of those gems you simply cannot miss while exploring Montenegro. High cliffs on one side, the Adriatic Sea on the other and picturesque houses with orange rooftops in between is just the first view that Kotor has to offer. Here is a perfect guide how to spend one day in Kotor.

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It dates way back to the Middle ages and is on the UNESCO’s ‘World natural and historical heritage site’ list. You will start your walk, entering the old town through one of the few gates, and instantly you will feel like you stepped a few centuries back in time. Narrow streets with old houses, form a maze you could explore for a good portion of your day. It’s a perfect combination of ancient and modern; cute cafes and restaurants within the old stone houses with terraces that let you soak in the sun and feel the vibe of the city.

View of Kotor from the old town.

Another thing you will notice while walking the streets of Kotor is the cats. While walking around the town, you will see them everywhere, minding their business and enjoying life. They are very well taken care of by the locals, and you will find countless souvenirs dedicated to the cats of Kotor. There are a few theories of how the cat craze started, but nobody knows. One thing is for sure; the cats are here to stay.

Sleeping kittens
You will get plenty of opportunities for snapping a cute picture of the Kotor cats.


Kotor fortress, Castle San Giovanni, St. John’s fortress,…whatever you call it, it is the number one thing you have to visit while you are in Kotor. The castle sits 260 meters above sea level and gives you one of the most stunning views of the city. The only way to get up there is climbing 1350 stairs that follow the old city wall. At the moment it costs 8€ to visit the castle (little tip: they only charge between 8 am and 8 pm, so an early rise might be a good idea). The first stop on your zig-zag way to the top should be at the Church of Our Lady of Remedy. There is a place you can sit down, take a breather and enjoy first looks of Kotor.

View of Kotor at sunset
Best view you can get is not at the top, but just a few meter above the Church of Our Lady Remedy.

For all of you that read about another hike called ‘The ladder of Kotor’ you can do to avoid paying the entrance fee, I have to disappoint you. You can still do the walk for free, but there is a security guard at the turn off for the castle that will send you back to the valley and through the official entry spot. There is no possibility to pay on the spot. The hike itself offers incredible views so if you have more than one day in Kotor give it a go.

Stairs to the Castle of San Giovanni
Don't let the stairs scare you,grab your water bottle and get climbing! You are only 45 minutes away from the perfect picture.


About 20-minute drive along the Bay of Kotor (or Boka Kotorska as the locals call it) you can find the town Perast. Much smaller and quieter than Kotor but equally lovely. The Venetian styled stone buildings simply beautiful seaside promenade and islands in the foreground are the reason why Perast is often used for promoting the Bay of Kotor. Its main attractions though are two islands; a natural one called St. George with a monastery on top and a 500-year-old, man-made one, Our Lady of The Rocks, with a church on it. You can visit them both, using one of the many boat companies in the area. If you don’t have the time to do it, you can climb the bell tower of St. Nicolas church and get a great view of both the islands and the picturesque town that is Perast.

Bay of Kotor with Perast and the islands

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